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The main difference between standard solar thermal collectors and our highly efficient collectors is our revolutionary absorber technology and coating expertise. This has resulted in the world’s most efficient flat plate collectors for large scale systems, which provide a low and predictable cost of energy over their entire lifetime of 25+ years. With Savosolar, you can harvest more energy from the area available.

Think big – and care for details

Savosolar collectors are developed with attention to detail and durability as well as visual appearance. Our collector fields have shared foundations to minimise material use and maintenance work and integrated connection hoses to minimise thermal losses in the connections.

Our product portfolio consists of land or roof mounted collector fields for district heating, or industrial applications, and complete turnkey solar thermal systems including design and delivery.

6 reasons to choose Savosolar:

  • Low and stable energy costs, with the ability to forecast future energy costs for years in advance.
  • Save space and money with the world’s most efficient collectors which reduce the amount of space required, or produce as much energy as possible from the area available.
  • Double glazed collectors which increase the number of production hours during the early and late months of the year, when thermal energy is most valuable
  • Minimal energy losses from connections with integrated connection hoses
  • Etched anti-reflective treatment of collector glass, which doesn’t deteriorate over time.
  • Virtually no service or maintenance cost.

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