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Geoflow Savosolar Large Scale Solar Water Heating
The Most Efficient Collector on the Market
The Most Efficient Solar Hot Water Collector on the Market
13 m2 in Surface Area (each)
Carry a 10 Year Manufacture Replacement warranty
AS/NZS 2535 & AS/NZS 2712 Certified
Made In Finland
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 Geothermal Heating & Cooling


Turnkey solutions for commercial and residential systems.



Solar Thermal-Heating and Cooling


Turnkey solutions for large-scale businesses with solar thermal space heating and cooling. 



 Commercial Energy Audits


An energy assessment will identify the potential energy efficiency improvements for your business and find a sustainable alternative energy option.


Energy-modelling-passive house-for-Residential

 Residential Energy Modelling


3D thermal modelling of your house to minimize heating and cooling demand load by implementing cost-effective passive house principles.


Large Scale Solar Thermal Heating Solutions

Solar Thermal - Heating and Cooling

  • Our solar hot water flat plate collectors heat up water. Add an absorption chiller to your large solar thermal system to provide a free cooling solution.

  • Hot water is stored in large insulated tanks and used for domestic hot water, space and process heating, and cooling applications. 

  • GeoHeat is the local partner with Savosolar and jointly provide solutions to Australia and New Zealand.

  • Savosolar is the manufacturer of the world’s most efficient solar collectors.

  • The solar collectors are made in Finland and carry a 10 year product warranty.

  • Large gas users can reduce gas consumption by up to 90% per annum.

  • A single solar thermal system (saving $500k per year), can be installed in less than 3 months.

  • The super-efficient Savosolar collectors  require the least land or roof space for solar thermal farming.

With government financial support for the business energy assessment, we can assess your energy use profile, and calculate the annual energy production and Return On Investment (ROI) with our proposed solution. Contact us to discuss how our large-scale solar thermal heating and cooling systems can save your business money.

It is Important to Select the Right System for Your Business/Building

  • GeoHeat recommends the use of Savosolar solar thermal collectors from Finland, as they can generate more than twice (205%) the amount of thermal energy compared with conventional flat plate solar thermal collectors (i.e. copper pipe and fin).

  • GeoHeat/Savosolar solar thermal solutions can generate more than five time (540%) the amount of energy compared with solar electricity (PV) systems. So if heating is your biggest energy demand, don’t hesitate to call us for advice.

  • Higher efficiency means less collectors and less land/roof space is required for a specific amount of annual energy. 

  • In Australian climatic conditions, and for most applications with less than 60˚C hot water demand, evacuated tubes deliver less heat compared with flat plate collectors. Read more

  • If heating is your major energy cost, a solar electricity panel will deliver 4.5 times less heat compared with our solar thermal collectors.  Some Dairy farms install a heat pump with solar PV to generate heat, but note that it will cost more to install, and will never reach GeoHeat/Savosolar solution heat output levels.

  • Solar thermal energy for heating space can be stored in low-cost hot water storage tanks of different sizes. Solar electricity is stored in batteries, which cost 10 fold, and die well before paying you back.

With government financial support for business energy assessments, we can assess your annual energy use profile and determine the feasibility of alternative solutions. Our feasibility study will tell you the payback period for different energy system scenarios, to enable you to decide which system best suits your energy demand and application. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you.

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GeoHeat Geothermal Heating and Cooling​ solution

Geothermal - Heating and Cooling

  • Geothermal solutions use 1 unit of electricity to provide 3 to 5 units of free energy (heat) from the ground.

  • Water is circulated in pipes buried in the ground (installed in horizontal trenches, vertically drilled boreholes or in irrigation water dams) to absorb free energy from the ground and water mass, to heat and cool your home. 

  • A geothermal system can also provide domestic hot water. During the cooling mode of operation, domestic hot water will be a by-product and delivered absolutely for free.

  • GeoHeat is proud to have the only Australian Certified Geothermal Designer (CGD) as part of the team.

  • For homes with high heating demand, GeoHeat combines geothermal with solar thermal to maximize efficiency and minimise installation costs.

  • Geothermal systems are not an off-the-shelf product. Only if designed correctly, Can geothermal solutions be 3-5 times more efficient than conventional heaters and air conditioners, and up to 2 times more efficient than the best conventional solutions like Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF).  Read More

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with design and installation of an efficient geothermal system.

Commercial Energy Audits and Energy Saving Assessments

  • Data from your existing energy system is collected and compared with benchmark data.

  • If required, extra electricity meters and temperature sensors are installed to fine-tune the most cost effective energy-saving solutions proposed for your business.

  • Waste energy minimization and energy recovery is always our first approach. Examples include installing insulation on heat transfer pipes where required, installing flue gas heat recovery on boilers, or heat recovery on the ventilation system.

  • Alternate fuel sourcing is assessed with emphasis on renewables like solar thermal heating and cooling, large tank storage, Geothermal and solar PV.

  • All energy-saving measures proposed, are prioritised by the payback period, or Return On Investment (ROI), so that the business owner can decide which best suits the business.

  • We identify a range of government subsidies that the business can apply for.

  • New income sources, such as the federal government ERF payment for CO2 emissions reduction, are identified.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with a commercial energy audit and saving assessment.

Geoheat Energy Audit and Energy Saving Assessment for Commercial
Energy 3D Modelling and Renewable sources of energy

Passive House Modelling, Renewables Engineering &
NCC Energy Compliance

  • Rather than using the simplistic 6-Star rating system, we use a much more sophisticated hour-by-hour 3D modelling approach using TRNSYS. This realistic modelling methodology enables us to:

  • Work in conjunction with architects to determine the best passive solar design to minimize the house energy demand and future energy costs.

  • Accurately size the heating/cooling system, ducting, hydronic unit etc.

  • Design and assess the energy performance of the renewable system to allow making a decision based on annual and actual kWh’s and $ savings. Systems such as Geothermal, Solar thermal, Solar PV and battery storage need to be assessed for every hour of a typical year, in order to properly determine the estimated annual savings. 

  • Our energy assessments are based on NCC Section; Verification using a Reference Building method. It replaces the 6-Star energy rating or deemed to satisfy method for energy compliance.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your energy modelling for residential buildings.

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