GeoHeat Savosolar Large Scale Solar Thermal Heating

Our large-scale solar hot water collectors are designed to save 50%-90% of the gas consumed by your boilers for space heating and domestic hot water generation. Hot water is generated during the day and stored in large insulated hot water storage tanks, to be used by your application anytime.


Our collectors are made by Savosolar, the manufacturer of the world’s most efficient solar hot water collectors. Collectors are made in Finland and come with 10-year product and 25-year performance warranty. Poultry farms, greenhouse growers, dairy farms or any business with high heating demand can greatly benefit from our solutions. Read more below and let us know if you want us to help reduce your energy bills.

130m2 Solution
savosolar large scale solar hot water collector field

Why GeoHeat/Savosolar Large-Scale Solar Thermal Heating?

• QUICK PAYBACK: 50%-90% of your heating demand will be delivered by the sun. 

• HIGH EFFICIENCY: Our patented solar collectors are the most efficient solar thermal flat plate collectors on the market, so you can get the most heat from your available land or rooftop space.

• BETTER COPMPLIANCE: easier and cheaper construction cost using JV3 verification method with lesser greenhouse gas emissions.

• HIGHER RATING: higher Green Star Rating due to a high heating energy saving.

• HIGH RELIABILITY: Our solar collectors are made in Finland and are covered by a ten year product and twenty five year performance warranty.

• EASY SOLUTIONS: We offer quick turnkey design and construct solutions which include collectors, piping, tanks and auxiliary boosting system.

• HIGH QUALITY: Our collectors comply with Australian standards AS/NZS 2712 and AS/NZS 2535.

•  SUSTAINABLE: Suitable for ESD initiatives and long life cycle.

• HIGH AESTHETICS: Our solar collectors are designed to be proud landmarks throughout their lifetime. 

• HIGH SUSTAINABILITY: Solar heat will remain your ongoing free energy source. 

• ADDITIONAL BESS POINTS: obtain BESS energy points for Hot Water.

• REGULATORY: According to NCC Vol 2 DTS requirements, either solar collector or rainwater tank should be installed. The former comes with a great energy saving.

Solar Thermal Heating System Components

Each Savosolar system comprises four major components: 


When there is insufficient solar irradiance, water heating is supplemented by an auxiliary booster/boiler to ensure 24/7 availability of hot water.

GeoHeat solar hot water system principal
Savosolar offers the highest efficiency and allows to produce as much energy as possible from the limited area available

Businesses that Benefit the Most

Any small to large business with high heating demand will benefit from our solutions. For example, greenhouse growers, dairy farms and poultry farms.

Dairy_Farm_ GeoHeat_Solar_thermal_Geothermal

Efficiency leads to a quick payback time and long-term business profitability

Savosolar’s collectors offer you the best possible investment by being the world’s most efficient flat plate collectors. Our collectors are 10-20% more efficient than other common collectors on the market. 

Savosolar offers the highest efficiency and allows to produce as much energy as possible from the limited area available
Savosolar offers the highest efficiency and allows to produce as much energy as possible from the limited area available

This efficiency will either supply more energy from an equal amount of installed collectors – or allow the required amount of energy to be harvested by using fewer collectors, requiring less land or roof space for installation. 

Our collectors are warranted for stability of performance for twenty five years.

Savosolar offers the highest efficiency and allows to produce as much energy as possible from the limited area available

    Innovative design with

    Direct Flow technology

GeoHeat savosolar highly efficient Aluminium MPE profile solar hot water collectors


Savosolar intersolar Award
SavoSolar-intersolar-Solar-Award-2011 M
GeoHeat savosolar highly efficient Aluminium MPE profile solar hot water collectors

Our patented coating technology is unique in the market and leverages the highly efficient MPE profile.
In conventional absorbers, the heat travels across the surface until it reaching the central heat transfer fluid pipe, thus creating an inefficient high-temperature gradient across the absorber’s surface.

With MPE profiles and our patented coating, the sun’s energy directly enters the 

heat transfer fluid below the absorber surface, thus delivering an absorber of over 99% efficiency. 

Our collectors utilize anti-reflection and low-iron glass to provide very high transmittance of solar energy.  Our collectors make sure that the highest possible amount of heat is absorbed and transferred to the storage tank.

Savosolar is Manufacturer of the most advanced solar thermal collectors

The coating is key to our efficiency

Savosolar’s MEMO coating process is a self-developed and patented PVD-PECVD coating, which takes place in a vacuum chamber and covers the absorbers with three ceramic nano-layers of superior thermo-mechanical and optical properties.

The coating has an absorbance of 96% and an emissivity of 5%. This coating process makes Savosolar the only solar company in the world able to build and coat large area direct-flow absorbers with a highly selective coating in one single piece. Absorbers as large as 3m x 6x are coated as a single piece.


 Relative absorber size compared with a person

Savosolar Design Advantages

  • The highest collector efficiency and energy density on the market, which reduces space requirements, or maximizes energy availability for a given space.
  • Innovative aluminum absorber design and a patented coating that increases the number of production hours during the winter months, when the available solar thermal energy is most valuable.

  • Minimized system energy losses and less collector shadowing due to innovative short factory integrated connection hoses.
  • Integrated structural collector frame that obviates the need for heavy section external structural sub-frames, thereby reducing set-up costs and installation time.
  • Low cost sub-frame support solution that is easily adapted to different site conditions.
  • Long lasting low-iron etched anti-reflective collector glass.
  • Virtually no service or maintenance costs.
  • Low operational energy cost to improve business profitability.

  • In accordance with NCC Section J requirements.

The highest solar thermal collector efficiency and energy density on the market

Maintaining Highest Efficiency - Even at a High Incident Angle

When the sun doesn’t hit the absorber face perpendicular, solar thermal/hot water collectors reflect away part of the solar irradiance, and this can result in loosing efficiency of the collector. In the case of conventional flat plate collectors, they can lose approximately 10% efficiency as a result of reflection from the absorber face.

However, our Savosolar thermal collectors have a nano coated absorber that minimizes solar incident reflection, and maintains efficiency even at high incident angles. For instance, in the morning and afternoon when θ = 50°, our solar thermal collectors don’t lose more than 2% efficiency. This is one of many reasons why our collectors are the most efficient solar thermal collectors on the market.

GeoHeat - advanced solar thermal collector

GeoHeat presentation for Food and Agribusiness Companies

Geoflow Australia Pty Ltd (GeoHeat) shared some surprisingly economical and practical solutions to significantly reduce heating and cooling energy bills at Sustainability Victoria’s recent Melbourne workshop – Managing Business Energy Costs for Food and Agribusiness Companies.

Solar heating has far more potential to reduce energy bills than any other technology.  Solar heating is a well-established technology in Europe, but it was interesting to notice that most Victorian businesses attending the workshop appeared not to know much about this simple technology.  Congrats to Sustainability Victoria for providing opportunities to help educate the market and government representatives.

GeoHeat challenged the frenzied focus by interest groups, lobbyists, and various politicians on the disproportionate push for ever-growing renewable electricity supplies (e.g. wind and solar electricity).  Sixty two percent of the energy used in Australia (non-transport related) is just for heating and cooling – without the use of electricity!  Much of the heating and cooling demand that is currently met by electricity can be readily be replaced with solar heating systems.

Solar heating technology has come a long way in recent years, with manufacturers now using nano-technology to capture astonishingly high levels of solar radiation.  The most efficient, commercially available solar heating collectors in the World are made by Savosolar from Finland are now over five times as efficient as modern solar electricity panels, resulting in only one fifth the roof or land area required for any needed thermal energy output.

Also presented was a case study that demonstrated how a large scale, predominately night-time energy user (i.e. worst case scenario for any renewable energy system), could generate their own heating and cooling energy at rates as low as half the unit price of gas or solar electricity.  Solar heating systems store heat in insulated water tanks, resulting in dispatchable energy being available at one-tenth the cost of battery storage, without the duty-cycle limitations and e-waste issues of batteries.

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